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12 Things About Me

January 10, 2018

1. I love traveling, reading books, cooking, gardening, and crafting. I used to travel a lot – unfortunately, I don’t have much opportunity these days.

2. I am from West Ukraine. I have Ukrainian and Polish roots.

3. I am a daughter, sister, wife, aunt, mother, and entrepreneur and love it!

4. I have quite a few pets, a cat, 2 degus and lots of tropical fish (cories, guppies, neons, and swordtails) but really, I’m a dog person!

5. I have 2 children. Although there are 2 years between them, people quite often ask me whether they are twins.

6. I respect honest, loyal, kind, reliable and perseverant people. I really value friendship and do anything to help the friend in need (without making a big deal about it). I don’t tolerate two-faced people. Cross me once and I’ll dismiss you from my life without a second thought.

7. My youngest child was born with several heart problems and other physical issues. She had open heart surgery when she was 3 weeks old. I now feel I know as much about the heart as your average medical professional. She is on medication to keep her heart working to an acceptable level; she will require more surgery on her heart in the future.

8. My name is Oksana but everyone calls me Roxy (a friend couldn’t pronounce my name and called me Roxy, and it's stuck to this day)!

9. I am lazy, not to the point where my feet stick to the floor or there are no clean cups, however, I’m just chilled and laid back. I save my energy for important tasks as I just don’t like wasting my time.

10. I am a really shy and private person. Sometimes I’m terrified of meeting new people. I hide this by trying to come across as confident, but I probably overcompensate and end up being very loud. Basically, I’m an introvert but I try really hard to be nice in social situations. It doesn’t always working out because I always speak my mind without sugar coating!

11. I started my cleaning business in 2010 because I couldn’t find a decent and reliable cleaner. The idea was to do something for a few months to keep me busy, while I was on maternity leave with my second child. I didn’t spend a single penny to set up the business, which took off and is still going. I believe this is because I pride myself in providing a personal approach to my customers and ensure that they receive the highest quality standard of service.

12. I love doing crafty things and am very good at it. If something is not quite working out I will spend as much time as is needed to learn how to do it correctly and will try over and over again to make it perfect. It is either perfect or nothing!

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning

How it works - Water turned into steam, and released under very high pressure.

There are numerous advantages to steam cleaning over traditional methods of cleaning. These are the big 3:

What type of cleaning services and which one to choose?

Individual/self-employed (sole trader).

Basically, without too much technical information - this is an individual, who working for themselves (self-employed). Usually, they are working by themselves for themselves (sole-trader). Normally, paying own taxes and insurance.

Cleaning franchise.

In simple words, franchise is an agreement between two parties which allows one party to market product or services using the trademark and operating methods of the other party.

Cleaning agency.

A cleaning agency is an organisation providing cleaning services on behalf of another organisation, person or group. Basically, a cleaning agency finds and (often) vets workers. It then “sells” the workers to people that need a cleaner. This is quite similar to a franchise.

Cleaning business.

A cleaning business is normally owned/run by an individual operating in their own local area employing a number of cleaners. The business can be run as a sole trader or a limited company as the business grows.

Uses for baking soda

Uses for baking soda

•Clean floor – add half a cup of baking soda to a bucket of warm water.

•Clean dishes. Add a scoop of baking soda with washing up liquid to a warm water. Let it soak for a bit, rinse.

•Clean bath, sink etc – either sprinkle some soda and wipe with wet clothe or  .....

10 reasons to hire a cleaner

1. It is not as expensive as you think. If you compare – buying all the required cleaning materials, spending time cleaning (with no spare time for your family or yourself) vs paying for a cleaner once a week or fortnight, the latter is always cheaper and more productive.